PR Connections

Facebook is the current and most popular way to network socially. Everyone who is anyone has a Facebook. Tagging, comments, status updates, applications, etc. have become the new “thing”. Instead of going out and doing things productive, many just sit at home and update their status like it was a Twitter. This is getting a little ridiculous if you ask me. Many of my Facebook friends like to include very personal things about their lives in their status. Things like most normal people would not want the world knowing. The other day I saw a guy I went to middle school with have his status to “this is the end.. if no one will comment on my status or write on my wall I will kill myself.” I was greatly disturbed and sickened by the desperate need for Facebook attention. It is very sad that people have left reality and rely strictly on social networking for their social needs and wants.

Facebook is a great PR source today though. Businesses have their own profile with hours, products, phone number, etc. for consumer’s needs. I am guilty of being a “fan” of some local businesses around here and actually use their information periodically. People need to realize that Facebook is a GREAT form of public relations and not just a social networking site where you can update your status about personal issues that no one wants to read. In the end though, I feel like Facebook has an inevitable death just like MySpace, Xanga, and MyDearDiary. As of now, we should enjoy the information and networking that Facebook truly offers.



Some people wonder why comments on blogs are such a big deal. The truth is, they give the author feedback on his/her work. No one writes a blog just for themselves to read, they want others following along and understanding the words they let flow onto the computer screen. Comments tell the author what the reader likes or dislikes about their post. Susan Gunelias’s post states that a comments to a blog is like having a community. Its the same in running a country. The president would need to know his people’s feedback to either continue doing what he is doing or go about it another way. All in all, comments are VERY essential in a blog.

Chapter 1

Every book has to have a beginning. It lays out the foundation of what the book will be about. Discussing the main points, introducing characters, and letting the reader know the rundown. In “Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics,” by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron, they discuss the one of the most important lessons of public relations: The Public Relations Process. John Marston first wrote of this in his book “The Nature of Public Relations”.  The components of the RACE acronym stand for Research, Action, Communication, and Evaluation. This is much like a business stand point of view. Marketing, for example, would go by these same rules to interact with their customer’s preferences more. This chapter was very helpful in opening my eyes to public relations. It showed me the basics and helped me understand what is important in public relations.

First Timer.

Well, this is my first blog…ever. So I’m going to give it my best shot.

I’m Marley and I love everything about music. Dave Matthews Band has my heart and I honestly can not go a day without listening to at least one song. Ridiculous, I know. Most people would never guess by looking at me, but I was in the Claxton Tiger Marching Band for 6 long years and became the band captain my senior year in high school. Oh how I hated band back then. My mother always told me I would appreciate it when I was older and well, she was right. It’s amazing how you truly turn into your parents whether you like it or not. Its’s the inevitable. “The fruit never falls far from the tree”.  I grew up in Claxton, GA where I in fact did enjoy the fruitcake and Claxton Chicken on a regular occasion and am not afraid to admit it. As the famous Dave Matthews says “Celebrate we will, for life is short but sweet for certain”.  Peace.