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Facebook is the current and most popular way to network socially. Everyone who is anyone has a Facebook. Tagging, comments, status updates, applications, etc. have become the new “thing”. Instead of going out and doing things productive, many just sit at home and update their status like it was a Twitter. This is getting a little ridiculous if you ask me. Many of my Facebook friends like to include very personal things about their lives in their status. Things like most normal people would not want the world knowing. The other day I saw a guy I went to middle school with have his status to “this is the end.. if no one will comment on my status or write on my wall I will kill myself.” I was greatly disturbed and sickened by the desperate need for Facebook attention. It is very sad that people have left reality and rely strictly on social networking for their social needs and wants.

Facebook is a great PR source today though. Businesses have their own profile with hours, products, phone number, etc. for consumer’s needs. I am guilty of being a “fan” of some local businesses around here and actually use their information periodically. People need to realize that Facebook is a GREAT form of public relations and not just a social networking site where you can update your status about personal issues that no one wants to read. In the end though, I feel like Facebook has an inevitable death just like MySpace, Xanga, and MyDearDiary. As of now, we should enjoy the information and networking that Facebook truly offers.


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  1. ryankeesee
    May 28, 2010 @ 18:07:31

    I defintielty I agree with what you are saying. Maybe not so much with Facebook one day falling out, but everything else is on point. Facebook has defintely revolutionized how we interact and connect with others. It has open new doors for organizations and companies to reach out to the community. Unfortunately, there are defintely some folks who are obsessed and jump on the social bandwagon. In a sense, people have used facebook as a representation of themselves and through this have completely open themselves to the world, which in all honesty is not too safe. I too had a friend who wrote a status stating that he broke both of his legs and would be unable to play soccer for the season, just to see what type of response he would get.

    I hope to see facebook grow more as a networking and promotional site over a social game site, but only time will tell!


  2. caseycorley
    Jun 02, 2010 @ 17:25:22

    I agree with this post. I am pretty guilty myself of being ‘addicted’ to Facebook. It is such a great way to keep in touch with people especially since I am in college and not all of my friends go to GSU. I also hate when people include way too much personal information on their Facebook. The status of the boy that you talked about is pretty disturbing- hopefully someone commented on it.

    On the other hand, Facebook is a great social media tool. I am also a fan to several local businesses and it allows me to see what new products they have and any sales they have going on.


  3. jackson.mcgahee
    Jun 04, 2010 @ 19:35:16

    You definitely are hitting on an important issue here. I feel as if the 20-30 year old crowd that grew up with computer interaction being a norm in their life, is either embracing all these connections being made, and privacy being diminished, or they are a little freaked out at just how much sites like Facebook and Foursquare are really connecting us all together.

    However, for PR majors, this massive push towards social networking everything may prove advantageous, since true one-one-one communication is so important in Public Relations. Taking the extra time to write notes, and make phone calls is going that extra mile.

    Back on topic though, I wonder how long Facebook can last, seeing as people are starting to realize the security risks it poses as well. Status updates can get you fired these days, and damn if that isn’t scary.


  4. aw02628
    Jun 06, 2010 @ 00:21:48

    Wow. I have to admit that I laughed a little at the status of your friend from middle school. It is starting to get ridiculous how obssessed people are becoming with facebook. It is a great source for PR and connecting with others, but it can definitely be seen as an awful addiction. I do have to say that I really like facebook and all it has to offer, but i try to stay away from the drama of it. It blows my mind how many people actually deal with their relationship problems on facebook. It’s really sad if you think about it.


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  6. jd02319
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 19:12:27

    So I definitely agree with what everyone is saying. Facebook is a great way to meet people and connect with people you probably wouldn’t normally be able to. On the flip side, it has gone too far! When it used to be exclusive to just college students it was much better. Now you have people of all ages from 12 to 87 on there?! I personally love the people who post about their love lives. Usually when I need to brighten my day I just go to Facebook and laugh at people’s post. I am disturbed, but relieved because now I know that their are crazier people out there than myself lol Do you agree?
    -Jessica Dennis


  7. Brianna W
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 19:43:50

    I don’t know. First of all Myspace has not died. It is one of the top ways that unsigned musicians get noticed. Second of all people should not twitter like a facebook status at all! People need to learn not to put private or desperate comments, statuses, ect. on facebook or twitter. My facebook is more personal. I use it to talk to family and friends exclusively, so I am much more likely to leave a status up such as “bored.” But I am trying to keep my twitter more professional and therefore trying to make my tweets more substantial. However, as I said before I do strongly agree that people need to not make facebook too personal. Suicide through social media is way too extreme!


  8. melmomorris
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 07:03:34

    Lordy mercy!!! Is he ok? I hope people commented, but yes I agree with you that is a sick way to get attention, but I know many people that their social life has taken a major hit because of a facebook or myspace addiction, or because of an online game. I have two younger cousins that I am truly worried about. One plays the game WoW (World of Warcraft….I think is what it’s called) and he can play with his friends while they are online at their home computers and he is stuck in front of this thing constantly! He will stay up late into the night glued to his computer screen, go to school and then come home and just jump right back on it. Crazy. My other cousin loves the game The Sims. He’s always been kind of socially awkward but now plays this game 24/7 where he is a made up person living in a fake world. This can’t be healthy!!! What is the world coming too?! What will happen in the future? I’m afraid everything will end up being online and we will never have to leave our houses and interact with other humans….talk about a generation of social awkward kids!!! Whew….who knows what the future holds!


  9. novellaokoro
    Jul 12, 2010 @ 19:32:46

    Yes, also think that this facebook world is definitely starting to get a little out of control. I know that I used to get on facebook a lot and It used to consume almost my whole day. I would be doin nothing but looking at other peoples pictures and read and commenting on other peoples statuses. I also see different people who post crazy things on their pages. I’ve seen things like people who are dating argue back and forth and telling all of their personal buisness. I have seen a post where the person who page it belonged to have passed away and someone asked for some money that that person owed them. Its getting crazy.


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