Comments to Super Powers


Topic of the Week 1- Super Powers

Growing up, kids have a strange fascination with a lot of super heroes. Most likely because nothing can compare with a child’s imagination and their belief of the super natural.  As a kid I always wanted to read minds, but as I grew up I realized that might not be such a good idea. For  example, in the book Twilight, Edward Cullen was able to read minds and believed it was more of a curse because he saw what people thought of him and his lover Bella.

Now as an adult, the super power I would really like to have the ability to teleport. Just think, going to Costa Rica one day and being back before dinner. Plus, with the rising gas prices, I would never have to worry about wasting my money just to get from point A to point B. I could also sleep in as late as I want for class or work because I would not have to worry about the chaotic traffic since I’m just “zapping” there. The power to teleport would be so awesome. No more gas money, no more blasphemous excuses to why you were late, and all the vacations you want without the pricey flights. Maybe one day with the rapid advances in technology, teleporting will be as easy as turning a key in an ignition. Until then, I just have to complain about gas prices like everyone else.