Topic of the Week 2- Super Bowl 45

The Super Bowl has a major impact on millions of Americans in a number of ways. First, this is like Christmas day for football fans all over America. They look forward to this day all year because it shows who is the best of the best in the NFL. Second, for those who do not care about football, they look forward to watching the unique and funny advertisements. Companies spend over a million dollars per add that is less than a minute long and only shown once. Statistics show, however, the millions spent on one ad is worth it because the catchier the commercial, the more buyers it will attract. Another reason Americans get pumped about the Super Bowl is for the food. Wings, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, and other assortments are the feast of the football tradition. For me though, I look forward to watching the Packers whoop the Steelers butts. Even though I am a die-hard Falcons fan, I would LOVE to see the Packers win since they won the very first Super Bowl ever. Sunday is going to be a great day and I hope to gain at least 4 pounds with the amount of wings I will intake. Haha.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fred2k11
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 03:45:11

    I totally agree with you on your outlook to the SuperBowl! I wish it was the Falcons playing in it, but i am rooting for the Packers as well even though they knocked us out of the playoffs. The SuperBowl is a lot like Christmas for Americans and it does have a special place for those who love the game and those who just want to see funny commercials and ads. Good thought about the food, i didn’t even think of all the food I will eat…haha


  2. kaseyatl88
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 20:19:45

    Why hello there Marley! I am going to have to agree with you on the solid 4 pounds I will gain this Sunday, however i’ll be filling up oh the chips and dip next to the wing table! ha ha! The millions of dollars companies spend for advertisements is ridiculous but well worth it for the viewers. For some reason I always forget about the funny commercials until the game starts, I guess I am just way too interested in the food spread. I can’t wait till Sunday, where are your Super Bowl 45 festivities going to be located?/Can I come? ha ha! Miss you!


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