Topic of the Week 3- Pet Peeves

Everyone has that one certain pet peeve that drives them crazy. For me, its smacking. It drives me up the wall when I’m sitting in class and the person behind me is constantly smacking on gum. Just the sound of lips smacking together makes me crazy. Especially when I’m eating and someone is chewing their food with their mouth open. VOMIT!!!!! I wish there was a law prohibiting people eating with their mouth open and smacking their food. Its just so rude. Sorry, I really go off on a tangent about this because it just drives me crazy. Pet peeves are a touchy subject too. Just talking about it makes people mad because they have to think about the thing that drives the insane the most. So, hopefully this week I won’t have to deal with that certain person behind me in class smacking their gum, or watching that certain person in the next restaurant I go to smack on their food with their mouth open.



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