Topic of the Week- Carpe Diem

To seize the day. Or, to make use of it. Something I thoroughly live by. We only have so many years to live before we are dead and forgotten in this world. Only one life to experience (unless you’re Buddhist and believe in reincarnation).  People who just sit at home watching TV to waste their day sickens me. Why not go out and make new memories doing thrilling experiences and learned new things? I for one have always been one to get out and do something fun. The biggest thing I have done to “seize the day” has probably been the first step in applying for my study abroad trip to Costa Rica last year. I never in a million years thought that I would go to another country for two weeks without my parents and with a group of people I knew nothing about. Not to mention staying at a random family’s house who didn’t speak a lick of English. Yes, it was tough, but it was by far the best experience I have ever gotten to do and I wish I could do it again. The best advice I would give someone is to go after what you desire. Never let anything get in your way. ALWAYS seek out new adventures because there would never be any regrets. Here are some useful quotes to live by:


Live every day as if it were your last and then some day you’ll be right.  ~H.H. “Breaker” Morant

Do not take life too seriously.  You will never get out of it alive.  ~Elbert Hubbard

As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do.  ~Zachary Scott

There are a million ways to lose a work day, but not even a single way to get one back.  ~Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. WatzNew
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 15:04:07

    I agree to live life to the fullest and with no regrets. People tend to not do what they desire and always have excuses to stop them from enjoying life.Life is short and their is no way of you knowing if you can make it unless you try.


  2. kaseyatl88
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 21:30:54

    Marley you and I both love traveling out of the country cause as you know I went to Europe for a month this past summer! I was with a group of 50, but I knew 8 of the girls, I cant believe you knew no one! Knowing you, all of those people are probably great friends of yours now!


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