Children having Children

Today the new hit shows are “Teen Mom” or “16 and Pregnant” on MTV. I’m sad to say that my roommates and some of my closest friends are obsessed with these shows. In my option, it sickens me. The most common age group watching these shows on MTV are young teenage girls. If I know anything about teenage girls, they are gullible, self-conscious, and will do anything for attention. So it is the worst idea ever for MTV to have these shows. These girls all over America have seen girls their age get pregnant and famous. So why can’t they? Hormones are already raging through kids that age and sex is kind of common, so what’s stopping them from doing it since all the kids on TV are? Personally, it’s just pure trashy.

I have no idea what this world is coming to anymore. I graduated with 94 people, 48 of them being girls, and 20 of them having children before we graduated. It’s just sickening to think that the statistics are getting worse every year. Most of the “teen moms” don’t even go to college because they are home taking care of their kids and living  off of our tax money. A lot of schools have debated about handing out condoms during the sex-ed week, but most disagree with it because it is “promoting sex”. UH HELLO?!?! THESE STUPID MTV SHOWS ARE PROMOTING SEX!! Not to mention the new show “Skins”. It is just pathetic and trashy. What happened to MTV being nothing but awesome music videos and TRL Live? I really wish someone would step in and do something about it, because if nothing is done, then the statistics of teen pregnancy are just going to keep climbing every year.


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  1. kaseyatl88
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 20:28:50

    Marley, I agree it is trashy but don’t you think that makes teen pregnancy less appealing to the viewers? I also see your side of the story about exploiting sex though….and honestly where did the awesome music videos and TRL go? haha miss you!


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