Over the week I was required to tweet on my Twitter. I was required to sign up for a Twitter for one of my other PR classes last summer so luckily I already had one. I’m not a big Twitter person at all, so it was hard for me to remember to tweet with so much other stuff going on. It was interesting to see what all of my friends and classmates posted on what is going on in their lives though. I really learned a lot about them. I found out that a few people really enjoy the same music as I do which adds a big plus. Today, I noticed some other people were watching the race that is in Talladega so it gives us something to talk about. I’m not a big NASCAR person at all, but my boyfriend is so I have been clinching my teeth and baring with it.

I feel Twitter is a great way to communicate with the world though. It is a good source for celebrities and businesses to get their word out there. I know that a lot of celebrities make public apologies, announcements, and news worthy material through their Twitter. It saves a lot of time and money just by tweeting about something than getting in front of an audience and speaking. It is a good source for companies to get their word out there as well because so many people use Twitter and would love to follow companies they support.

I honestly do not think I will continue to use my Twitter account after this week just because I already use Facebook to get my opinion out there. It is hard to pick up two websites and write the same thing. Maybe when I am a little older and have a PR job I will tweet more because I just may enjoy it more.!/marleymizell


Advice Comments

The Greatest Advice Ever Given

When I was younger I wanted to be “big” so badly. I could not wait to become an adult just so people would listen to what I thought. When you’re a kid, I feel like no one ever takes you seriously. My dad sat me down one day and said “Don’t grow up too fast because you can’t ever go back to being young”. It stuck with me when he said that because I knew he had a point. Even though I was only 9 or so when he told me, there were times I wish I could already go back in time to when I was a lot younger. Even now I wish I could go back to certain times in life just to experience it again. I thoroughly live every day like it was my last. I don’t take things for granted and I enjoy the little things like they were the biggest. I’m not scared of getting older, but I know nothing will be the same as the years go by. Everything changes, its irrelevant. You only live once too, so enjoy it while you can.

High School Comments

High School Has-Been

When I was in high school, I was very active in a lot of things. My guilty confession was being in the band. Well, not only being in the band, but being band captain my senior year. I played the flute and piccolo and loved every minute of it. I was also in pageants a lot and took home a lot of crowns after a couple years of practice. I plated tennis for only a semester. I was very active in 4-H and competed in DPA at Rock Eagle all the time. I loved high school, but if given the chance, I would never go back to change anything.

The main thing that has changed about my life is that I am a LOT more laid back than I use to be. I used to be very uptight and always picky about things, but I’ve learned if someone just goes with the flow it makes things a lot simpler. I think if I could go back though and give one lesson to myself it would be to spend more time with my family and cherish every minute of it because you never know what life will take away.