Reflecting on the Semester (on a personal view)

This semester was a task for me with everything that I have been though. My dad died last semester at the end of October and I was out of school for a while then came back 2 weeks before finals. All the work I had to make up was piled up and I had to study for 4 finals on top of that. I was hoping all of my professors would understand, but two very selfish ones decided to fail me (I had a B in both of their classes before everything happened). Coming back to school in January was pretty easy at first, but I had my moments where I just wanted to break down and give up. Not many people understand how hard it is to lose a parent, especially one to such a sudden and unexpected death. As this semester progressed though, I noticed my grandmother was starting to go down in health. Around February she fell and broke her foot and her health dramatically took a downward fall. We had to end up putting her into a nursing home because my mom and aunt could not take care of her every minute of the day. On Monday we were told that her kidneys were shutting down and Dialysis would not help her. By Wednesday night she passed away. I am very glad I was able to spend the last 2 hours of her life with her though. She was surrounded by family and loved ones.

Needless to say, this has been such a traumatic year for me. School has actually been a lot easier this past semester though because I wasn’t taking the full load of a full time student so I actually had time to start working two different jobs and make some money. I just hope that everything will eventually fall into place again. I try to keep my head up wherever I go and stay positive.


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