Social Media News Releases

Social Media New Release (SMNR) definition-  There are many definitions for a Social Media News Release, but the one that stood out the most was the definition on According to, “A press release format designed for the online media world”. Although it is actually intended for the press, the format is also easily interpreted by “bloggers, publishers, journalists, and the public at large (realwire).”

Advantages for SMNR- It is quick and easy to read. It reaches mass public. Comments can be left on there. It is actually the easiest to be shared compared to any other news release and very easy to create a coversation. According to, “For companies that want to showcase a progressive, ‘forward thinking’ position, it might be a good idea for them to distribute a social media release. You know, “be the brand” and all…”

Disadvantages for SMNR- Some websites do not recognize the font used in SMNR so they can be pretty pricey to change the format. Not every market is ready for an SMNR. The releases are only useful online too.  According to infoworld.comm “There are more ‘new media’ points-of-contact like Skype and instant messaging (IM) on the SMR. More points of contact means more ways for people to reach out to the company about the release. This doesn’t necessarily mean more coverage, but one could argue that train of thought.”

A PR practitioner should use a SMNR when they are trying to reach to a larger crowd. It can easily be searched for online and anyone can see it. It is a lot better than just writing a regular press release for their company. It is also very quick to do when a practitioner can be in a hurry or a big event is coming up. They will also use it when they are posting on a blog.

How to create a SMNR:

Link to created SMNR:

The link to the SMNR that I created is … It’s main purpose is to attract an audience who is interested in helping out a good organization and preventing child abuse while eating wings and having fun. It’s target audience is mainly college students and statesboro locals who are willing to make a difference in a child’s life.

Tips for SMNR creations:

(using our PR book –  Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, 6th edition)

1. Do not overdo it. It’s important to write colorfully and to include descriptions of people, places and events, but do not write poetry when you want press.

2. Place key terms in key positions like headlines or the first paragraphs.

3. Use short and catchy headlines or subheads to highlight main points and interest and catch the reader’s attention.

4. Look for creative ways to tie your announcement in to current news or trends. It is always good to stay current with the world today.

5. Make sure your announcement is clear for the editor’s readers. It is never a good thing to be all around the place and unclear for a reader.


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