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My Bucket List (again)

About a year ago I conjured up a bucket list that I seriously abide by. So far I have only done two things on it and it was actually the first and second thing I had written- Attend a Dave Matthews Band concert and to participate in Study Abroad (Costa Rica). Just those two things have been life changing and exciting events that have taken place in my life. Just doing the other things on my list will have a serious impact on my life and I really hope do accomplish every single one of them. The other things I have on my list are:

*Learn to surf

*Write a book

*Learn to play the guitar

*Go to New Zealand

*Catch a Sailfish/Marlin

*Go scuba diving in The Great Barrier Reef

*Take an RV across the country

*Hike the Appalachian Trail

*Live in Costa Rica for a year

*Shake hands with someone who has changed the lives of millions.

*Chase a tornado

*Own my own coffee shop

*Appear in a movie