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Hello, my name is Marley and I am addicting to Pinterest. There, I said it. I get on Pinterest at least 3 times a day. My favorite thing to look up is Home Decor. I have my entire new house already planned and I haven’t even found anywhere to live yet. I also have my wedding planned and I’m not even engaged. I honestly feel like Pinterest is a great PR tactic to some companies. It all depends on what company it is though. For example, for Food Network, they can create an entire page/board of all these different recipes on Pinterest for people to re-pin. I have recommended the site to a lot of my friends so they can be just as addicted as I am. So far I have only created a couple of things I have found on Pinterest. Over Christmas break, I made an earring tree which is basically a small Christmas tree with earrings as ornaments. I have also used a few recipes off of there. Overall, I feel it is an amazing site and I hope it stays around for a long time since it is so useful.

Valentine’s Day comments

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. The most hated day of the year. Well, not for me. I actually got a dozen roses, box of chocolates, a bag of Kit Kats, and lunch this year from my loving boyfriend, Brad. I remember the first year I celebrated it. I was 7 years old and my “boyfriend” was my neighbor across the pond. We were always playing outside together or in the woods pretending to be The Boxcar Children (lame, I know). He came walking over one day with this huge black trash bag, so of course, I started asking questions what it was. He just ignored me and went straight to my front door. I followed him in my house and he took out a huge teddy bear with heart shaped balloons all over it. I was SO embarrassed. So I ran straight to my closet and hid there for an hour. My dad kept telling me to come out and say thank you for all of my gifts, but my 7 year old blushing face would not come out until dark. I will never forget that Valentine’s Day. It was definitely the most surprising one I’ve ever had. 

If I was ever given something I really didn’t want for V-day, birthday, Christmas, or whatever, I would definitely smile and say thank you. Then re-gift it for someone else. If I worked for a florist company, I would persuade people to buy MY flowers with a lot of ads in papers, internet, ect. I would also update my company’s Twitter or Facebook accounts by updating the status and making tweets about how beautiful my company’s flowers were. 

Social Media and PR Comments

Social Media at it’s Best

Social media has changed the world of PR in a positive way in my opinion. It has made it easier for consumers to get a better aspect of the company they are supporting. Twitter, for example, is a great social media stance for my client (Disney) because it tweets every time a different promotion comes out. I do not like the fact that a lot of companies/individuals employ social media when they do not have a PR background though. It can in fact hurt the company because they do not know all the rules to have a good PR stance when doing it. Plus, it makes it difficult for actual PR people to get a job.

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