Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. The most hated day of the year. Well, not for me. I actually got a dozen roses, box of chocolates, a bag of Kit Kats, and lunch this year from my loving boyfriend, Brad. I remember the first year I celebrated it. I was 7 years old and my “boyfriend” was my neighbor across the pond. We were always playing outside together or in the woods pretending to be The Boxcar Children (lame, I know). He came walking over one day with this huge black trash bag, so of course, I started asking questions what it was. He just ignored me and went straight to my front door. I followed him in my house and he took out a huge teddy bear with heart shaped balloons all over it. I was SO embarrassed. So I ran straight to my closet and hid there for an hour. My dad kept telling me to come out and say thank you for all of my gifts, but my 7 year old blushing face would not come out until dark. I will never forget that Valentine’s Day. It was definitely the most surprising one I’ve ever had. 

If I was ever given something I really didn’t want for V-day, birthday, Christmas, or whatever, I would definitely smile and say thank you. Then re-gift it for someone else. If I worked for a florist company, I would persuade people to buy MY flowers with a lot of ads in papers, internet, ect. I would also update my company’s Twitter or Facebook accounts by updating the status and making tweets about how beautiful my company’s flowers were. 


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