Freshmen again?

The question of the week asked was, “If I was an incoming freshmen again, would I change anything?” 

The answer to this question is no. Well, except for a few of the guys I dated, but other than that I am perfectly happy with everything I have done with my college career. I’m one of those people who has NO regrets in life and honestly believe I am where I am today from the actions I took and didn’t take. So many people say “Oh, I wish I could go back to being a freshmen again.” But I really don’t. I worked so hard to get where I am today and I would not do anything to change that. 


On the other hand, I do wish I would have more more involved in study abroad. I went to Costa Rica my junior year, but I wish I could have done it every single year. That has been the best experience of my college career so far. 


PR Books

Out of the books listed, I have only read 2 of them. I read the entire Hunger Games series in a week. It was the best series I have ever read in my entire life and I would highly recommend them to everyone. The other book I read was “Are you there Vodka? Its me Chelsea”. That was also a very good book, but in a different way. It was really funny because Chelsea Handler wrote it. 

Dreams Job Comments

My Dream Job

When asked what my ideal dream job is, the answer is simple. I want to do anything that involves the environment. I am such a green freak and very passionate about saving the environment and doing good for the earth. I REALLY hope I get the internship at Keep Bulloch Beautiful this summer. I love anything to do with recycling, buying local produce, helping out cleaning up trash, and promoting the green movement. If I move away from Statesboro, I definitely want to work for a big environmental agency. I honestly feel if enough people pitch in and recycle, the world would be such a better place.


When working for an environmental agency, I hope to make a big difference in the world. A (huge) goal of mine is to make it a law to recycle. I know that is a huge goal that would be very hard to achieve, but it is something I am very passionate about.