Social Media

I remember when I was 5 or 6 years old and we did not have a computer in our house. No one really knew what the internet was back then either. Now, if someone does not have access to a computer, they might as well not exist. Social media has taken over the web today. Everyone who is anyone is on at least one social media site. A lot of business people who are older still do not use social media sites to boost their business and sales because they do not know what to do. Some hire young PR people to help them out with that problem. If I had to convince someone who does not use social media sites, I would explain how much it could improve their business. By using social media, a business is putting its name out there on the web for everyone to see. It is proven that businesses prosper more if they are using social media sites. It’s 2012, and the internet is only going to get bigger in the future, so why not go with the flow and become apart of it?


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