As we go on, we remember……

Only 10 more days until graduation. I just don’t know what to do with myself. Over the semester I have learned a lot in all of my classes. For Communication in the Workplace with Dr. Brooks I learned a lot about interview tactics and what questions to look for and how to answer them wisely. I also learned a lot about conflicts in the workplace with how and how to resolve them when necessary. In Groover’s Social Media class I learned a lot about all of the different social media networks and how vital they can be to companies. And in Campaigns with Muller, I made an entire campaign book geared towards promoting the image of GSU’s Health Services. 

Honestly, Campaigns was the class I learned the most in because we actually had to put our knowledge to use and make a 194 page book over all of the knowledge we have learned over the course of the years in PR. Over the whole semester we got so much stuff done. Last Wednesday when we turned our book in, it felt like the world had lifted up off of my shoulders. 

I plan to carry all of the knowledge I learned over the semester (and years) with me throughout my lifetime. It is vital information in surviving in the work field and I can not wait to put all of it to good use.