PR Connections

Facebook is the current and most popular way to network socially. Everyone who is anyone has a Facebook. Tagging, comments, status updates, applications, etc. have become the new “thing”. Instead of going out and doing things productive, many just sit at home and update their status like it was a Twitter. This is getting a little ridiculous if you ask me. Many of my Facebook friends like to include very personal things about their lives in their status. Things like most normal people would not want the world knowing. The other day I saw a guy I went to middle school with have his status to “this is the end.. if no one will comment on my status or write on my wall I will kill myself.” I was greatly disturbed and sickened by the desperate need for Facebook attention. It is very sad that people have left reality and rely strictly on social networking for their social needs and wants.

Facebook is a great PR source today though. Businesses have their own profile with hours, products, phone number, etc. for consumer’s needs. I am guilty of being a “fan” of some local businesses around here and actually use their information periodically. People need to realize that Facebook is a GREAT form of public relations and not just a social networking site where you can update your status about personal issues that no one wants to read. In the end though, I feel like Facebook has an inevitable death just like MySpace, Xanga, and MyDearDiary. As of now, we should enjoy the information and networking that Facebook truly offers.