The first interview I watched was with Martin Waxman. He works at a boutique PR agency in Toronto, Canada. The agency was founded on three pillars: simplicity, energy, and integrity. It is primarily a consumer marketing agency that has client agencies like OLAY, Herbal Essences, and Proctor and Gamble. They also host a $25,000 Laugh Off for their social media. Waxman enjoys podcasting a lot more than he does blogging and he tries to cover PR and social media in every recording. It takes him about 40 minutes to figure out what to say on his recordings. Waxman also has teaches a course at a college in Canada and has recently had a 14 week course. Waxman is all about communication strategy and stresses the necessities. He looks for skills like the understanding of traditional media relations (even though there are vast changes in technology everyday), the understanding of social media, and experience with tools. Martin Waxman seems like a very intelligent man and I would very much like to meet him in person one day.

The second person I watched was Kneal Mann. He travels in two different circles: public sector and private sector. The public sector is more focused for social marketing strategies and it is more government work for non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity. The private sector is more for business related strategies and his own company. He spent 23 years on the radio before he started writing as a newspaper colonist. He writes “Space Oddities” and how we use our space. Mann is all about social media and marketing and said that it is easy to get a job but very difficult to get a managerial job now days. He stresses how important micro-blogging is and how it can truly help out someone’s company. He says that Twitter is necessarily about the followers but the fact of the micro-blogging itself. He actually enjoys writing a lot more than he does podcasting which is very different from Waxman. He teaches to write about what you like because then it will have more meaning and be more meaningful to others. What I found interesting was his lesson on start at the ending, then write the beginning, then finish it off with the middle. “Just start writing!” is what he says over and over. Mann is very passionate about his work and is also happy to confess is a geek and attended a “geek dinner” which has business contacts that interact with one another using social media tools like Twitter. I would like to learn more about his insight on writing techniques.


TOW 5 Twitter

So I signed up for my Twitter account today pretty skeptical of what it might be like. I was supposed to get started on it last Monday but my week has been pretty hectic with both my mother and grandmother having major surgeries. My grandmother has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have her right breast removed this week while my mother had her gallbladder removed. It has been very tiring trying to take care of both of them…. but today is my catch up day! Whoop whoop.

Twitter was a lot of fun using today though. Even though I had a lot of catching up to do and constantly updating my tweets, it was pretty addicting. I must say though that I am a true Facebook fan and will continue to use that website a little more than Twitter. Twitter is mainly for PR practitioners, celebrities, and the corporate world. Facebook is more for college students, people trying to stay in touch, and bored students wasting their time. I believe both will impact a lot of people’s lives though. It is pretty fun seeing all of my friends tweets about everything they are doing, watching, or eating. It definitely keeps you in touch with a lot going on in the world, or Statesboro at least. I feel like I’m apart of a special elite group now that I have joined Twitter. I know it is nothing special but still adds excitement getting online and seeing your friend’s latest thought or dream. It is also pretty great that our professor has one to help guide us and show us the ropes. I feel like a lot more people within the next couple of years will slowly progress towards Twitter and stray away from Facebook like everyone did with Myspace. Hopefully Twitter will remain the new fad for a while!


Before reading chapter 4 of “Public Relations Strategies and Tactics” I would have not exactly known the true difference between a Public Relations department or firm. A public relations department has several specialized areas. Strategic and Operational Management Knowledge is where they develop strategies for solving problems, manage organizational response to issues, develop goals and objectives for department, prepare budgets, and manage the people. There are other “knowledge” areas too like Research Knowledge, Negotiation Knowledge, and Persuasion Knowledge. All of these areas are highly specialized in what they do.

Public relation firms provide a variety of services as well. There are marketing communications, executive speech training, research and evaluation, crisis communication, media analysis, community relations, events management, public affairs, branding and corporate reputation, and financial relations. Firms seem more of a better deal because they seem more specialized in the true things that matter in a job and that will make a difference in someone’s life.

I would advise a public relations practitioner to start out his/her career in a PR firm. There are better options to choose from and they would have a much higher chance of being promoted.


Some people wonder why comments on blogs are such a big deal. The truth is, they give the author feedback on his/her work. No one writes a blog just for themselves to read, they want others following along and understanding the words they let flow onto the computer screen. Comments tell the author what the reader likes or dislikes about their post. Susan Gunelias’s post states that a comments to a blog is like having a community. Its the same in running a country. The president would need to know his people’s feedback to either continue doing what he is doing or go about it another way. All in all, comments are VERY¬†essential in a blog.